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My Story...

My name is Jack Bomher but a lot of folks know me as "Jackson"

Back in 1993, I started making records with my friends on the South Side of Chicago and I discovered it was what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. As a dedicated bass player, songwriter and general musical weirdo I became deeply involved with the Chicago indie-rock and metal scene in the early 2000's cutting my teeth mixing live shows at The Vic Theater, Double Door, Reggie's Rock Club, Subterranean, Empty Bottle and Elbo Room (just to name a few)

As well as a 4 year stint at a few venues in Los Angeles where I was able to work with some of my musical and artistic heroes like Acey Alone, Blackalicious, members of Kyuss and Queens of the Stoneage, award winning novelist Chuck Palahniuk, Peaches, Pallbearer, At the Gates, The Mowgli's and hundreds more... 


To give you a bit of history on how the studio came to be, right around 2001, I started working for a little recording studio called Horse Drawn Productions on the Northside of Chicago. In between live gigs and road work playing with my various musical projects or mixing regional touring acts, I would always come back to Horse Drawn because it was my favorite place to make music with my friends. 

The owner and founder at the time, Eric Yoder was a world class producer working with the likes of Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Avante and many, many others and he became my record production mentor and so whenever I could, I would be in the studio honing my production and recording chops in pro tools, logic, ableton and just about every piece of equipment you could get your hands on, not to mention all of my experience out on the road mixing over the years. Over the decades, I have really developed a love and mastery of all things sound related and a passion for writing original music with my friends.


I'd be remiss if I didn't mention all of the crazy musical projects I've been affiliated with over the years. Here are some links to a few  of them if you'd like to check out some of the music I love to make. ( Theyrgy, Eyeless, HUNT HUNT HUNT CAMP, IKLATUS, Yakuza, IndianBurythemachines)

In 2020, the global pandemic really threw a curveball at my touring sound career and so I was forced to switch to a full time studio engineer and as the times have changed, making a living as such has become increasingly more difficult by the year what with the advent of home recording. In that same year, my mentor and leader, Eric Yoder decided to switch careers entirely and turn his back on the music industry completely and so I was left with an important decision; Do I walk away from the studio I had built over 20 years with my friends and look for greener pastures or stay here and fight the good fight, attempting to keep the music alive here in Berwyn?

Well I decided to give it a go as a studio owner and thusly was born: BERWYN RECORDING, a very special place to make music with my friends. One of my super powers has always been the ability to bring people together and so now I have a place to do it. I hope you'll come  check it out and contribute to our musical legacy. 


My team and I work exceedingly hard to cultivate a unique and inspiring environment where you can write, record, produce, mix and master whatever sound you're after. We've got a producer/engineer for every style and genre. Rock, metal, blues, classical, hip-hop, jazz, gospel and many others. 

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